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This note is going to all the Ontario MK2 Owners, and whoever else wants part of the show.

I would like to organize a 2JZGE IN A MK2 (Conversion) Meet.

What the plan is is to get people that are willing to help out and then have other people take lotsa pictures and Video. Then I will burn the whole Project on DVD for viewing pleasure. My plan is to cover as much of the Swap as possible and make it available via FTP Server for all to view in the MK2 world. I may have Live Streaming Video available during, but I am still negotiating that with a friend of mine who would be baring the expense.

I have pretty well rounded up most of the parts that I need, and will have everything by the end of this week, except a rad. I am considering going with the Griffen Rad. I will have everything OFF/OUT of the car to speed things up.

Now noone can say they were not invited.

So far the Pending Date is June 1st and 2nd.

I will provide further details as I get them.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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