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Well, I've decided I'm going to work my way up to a Legacy SS (always wanted one) so my MkII is up for sale.

124k miles. I picked this up from a kid up north who didn't know the difference between a bad fuel pump and a distributor being 180* out. Black ext/black & grey int, 5-speed w/LSD rear. Has a MK3 Supra wheel swapped into it.

GOOD: Body is pretty darn solid for a Wisconsin car (slight rust around rear wheel wells, coupe spots on B-pillar, all fixable), MSD Blaster coil (6AL box was traded for a complete set of tune-up parts, sorry), interior is in incredible shape for an '82, runs and drives real strong (timing belt looks recent, no big leaks or consumption problems). Crush-bent performance exhaust w/fart can actually sounds pretty decent.

BAD: Some minor lifter tick (Marvel Mystery Oil should do the trick, it isn't horrible), interior blower motor has an odd problem (spins real slow when turned on, blows circuit breaker after about 30 sec - bad ground suspected), PO cut the shifter rod down real sloppily and it's pretty much worse to shift now, tires are improperly sized (215/70) and kind of hurt the car's acceleration (OK tread through). PO cut up door panels for 6" speaker box install (looks OK but isn't original). Radiator is missing a lot of fins but cools just fine.

Asking $1250. You could drive this car anywhere, though it'd have to be at highway speeds for the heat/defroster to do its job due to the bad blower motor circuit. More pics in the craigslist ad at the bottom.
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