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1983 auto trans compatibility

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Do the 1983 Celica Supra’s have the same auto trans as the 84 85 . Mine has ect but wasn’t sure if I can use the same ones from the 84 85 . Or could I use one from a 1982
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From what I have read, the 1983, 1984, and 1985 model years all had the A43DE automatic transmission.
The 1982 only transmission was the A43DL which did not have the electronic control.
My impression that the A43DE years did not have any changes.

And straying a bit from your question, there were different electronics for the transmissions, but I don't think you have to worry about them. The transmission itself should match whichever electronics is in the car.

And just because I find it interesting, here are the differences.

There were different ECT ECUs (Electronically Controlled Transmission Electronic Control Unit) but I think that you would use the one associated with the engine/body year rather than the A43DE year.

The electronic signals from the TPS changed which necessitated the changes in the ECT ECUs.

The 1983 model Throttle Position Sensor sent the control information directly to the ECT ECU (Electronically Controlled Transmission Electronic Control Unit). The 1984/1985 TPS only had an analog TPS signal that was not able to signal the ECT ECU directly. On these models, the Engine ECU sent shift information to the ECT ECU.

I assume that the ECT ECU has to match the TPS rather than the transmission, although that is only a guess.

There were 4 different ECT ECUs available. There were Denso and Aisin ECUs,

89530-14090AISIN (08/1983 - 07/1984)1$747.09
89530-14110DENSO (08/1984 - 11/1985)1$1,588.00
89530-14120AISIN (08/1984 - 11/1985)1$1,588.00

Again, I am guessing that the two vendors were just supply chain issues and one could use them interchangeably.

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And just where is this ECT ECU? I sure didn't know! It's in the body gap on the passenger side next to the rear seat. If you take off the arm rest and look/feel up, it's there.

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1984/1985 ECT ECU

Schematic Font Parallel Engineering Rectangle

1983 ECT ECU

Notice the L1, L2, and L3 signals come from the TPS in 1983 and from the Engine ECU in 1984/1985

The signals/controls going to the transmissions are the same.

Sorry for being long winded. I would like to hear anyone with more information about this, and of course if I'm wrong, I would appreciate being corrected.

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