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Brian Smith
Cell# 360-904-9158
Email: [email protected]
Location: Vancouver, WA (98607)
Price: $1000/OBO

I am a little flexible on the price, so shoot me an offer and I will get back to you.

The car has 210,XXX mile on the body, and the engine was rebuilt by the 2ed owner less than 15,000 miles ago. A new clutch was also installed at the time of the rebuild. This is a great car, I have had no problems driving this to and from work. Great on Gas

I just put a full black leather interior into this car. I still have the blue fabric seats, but they are worn. (also for sale) The black leather is in great shape and just has 2-3 cracks in it overall. Very Good looking for an 83. These cars are RARE and hard to find in good shape. I am planning to put in a HD stereo that playes MP3s in the next few days.

I have just installed new:
Fuel filter
Air filter
Oil filter
Oil changed (with synthetic)
NGK G force Spark Plugs
NGK Spark Plug wires
Cap and Rotor
Window wipers

The car will come with a Hannes repair manual

The engine runs like it was new.

The car has no mechanical problems other then the power mirrors do not work (still works manually) and the water temp gauge works off and on. E-Brake needs to be tightened. Other then the above listed problems EVERYTHING works.

The car needs minor cosmic work done to it. 4 Cracks and a small crack in the center consul are all the cosmic problems with the car. The car does not have a working stereo but I will be fixing that this week.

This car has never been raced, drifted, or in any way been thrashed on. I may be 19 but I treat my cars well. Not saying you have too ;)

I can get more pics on request. Let me know ASAP, I have two cars and don't need this one, sad to see it go. I hope it goes to a good home.

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