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I'm selling my 83 Supra for a few reasons. 1) I got married and now own a 4-door car. 2) The Supra needs some work and I don't have a Garage to work on it. 3) Rear Diff is making noise - See below.

Contact info:
Ethan Bench

PM me or my email is [email protected]

This car has served me well for the past 2+ years. These cars really are fun to drive.

Mantinence that I've done:
161,109 miles.
New front brakes (disks and pads) about 4300 miles ago.
15K miles on high quality ToYo tires (100K mile warranty from Les Schwab).
Aligned car with the new tires.
Tires rotated every 5K miles.
Replaced Clutch about 10K miles ago
Replaced drivers rear bearing last year (after the clutch).
3,000 mile oil changes.

Worth noting:
Car gets 18-26 MPG depending on driving conditions.
I put a nice Pioneer CD/MP3 player in the car since the original stereo was not working correctly. Original Equalizer is still there, but not connected.
Map light still works
Upolstry in relatively good condition. The drivers side seat has been sewn a little to hold it together, but the rest is good as far as I can tell.

Things I know are wrong with the car:
Biggest thing first - The rear differential is making noise. The mechanic told me he though the bearings were wearing out. Since I don't have anywhere to work on this myself, and since my wife didn't like driving the car anyway, I decided to sell the car instead of fixing it.

Passenger side rear bearing is wearing out too.

Drivers side door lock has been punched in. I did open up the door, and the mechanism still works, it just falls out. I was told that I needed a clip to fix this, but never got around to it. Power locks still work on both sides, and the door does lock.

Windshield has a crack in it. It's low and doesn't block my view.

Passenger side Cam tower has an oil leak. - Something else I never got around to fixing. I do watch my oil level at every fill up since I know it has a leak.

Antenna is broken.

Center console lid has been refinished (and needs it again)

AC is not connected. Previous owner told me he removed the belt to save on Gas. I haven't tried it.

Some rust on hatch. I've only noticed it where you grab it to open it.

Missing knob on drivers seat

No cigarette lighter.

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