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1985 Sports-Coupe Comparison by Car & Driver

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This brings it back... 1985 Sports-Coupe Comparison: A Melting Pot of Performance

The reviews at the bottom seem to favor the Supra as well, which I'm sure continues to help our rising resale values.

If this was posted elsewhere and I missed it, my apologies.
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High praise for the Supra. It's why we love these cars.

Kinda funny seeing the XR4Ti on the list and called futuristic - they were sold in Europe as the Sierra (as noted) and they're considered VERY dated by now, especially the interior. I think the Supra's styling (which is hilariously 'nothing you'd ever call stunning' - how many people turn their heads when a MKII rolls past??) has aged much more gracefully with its sharp lines and black interior surfaces. 80s and early 90s European Fords were all grey inside and pretty bland.
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