"Feeler" about selling my MK2. Pretty serious but don't NEED to sell. Car has an LS6, built R154 w/ .62 OD, Ford 8.8, 5 Lug, etc. Build thread has most of the details. 250k miles (if that matters with a car like this).

Car is not perfect but is rust free and the interior is 9.5/10. Paint is 6/10 with fading on roof. I figure anyone who is serious about the car will have a ton of questions so I'm not going to bother posting a full build list right now. LS6 with custom oil pan, mounts, exhaust, recaros, coilovers, Z33/Z32 brakes, etc etc etc. Car has a few swap related problems. Exhaust rubs under hard decel (may fix before sale). It could use an alignment. A/C needs a re-charge.

I would part the car out but I don't have the time or space.

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Message me on here if interested.