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1985 Supra L-Type

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Short story: 1985 Supra L-Type with a 1984 6M, manual, cold AC, and a disassembled but complete 7M. Engine is out, but car ran great.Car has 195k, engine has 65K. Asking $2200, negotiable. Long story: I always wanted to build cars with my sons as I had with my dad. I spent 21 years in the USAF and after retiring had the time and space to do so. We bought this car 6 years ago as that project. In the middle of the engine swap, my back injury got debilitating. Some well-meaning friends tried to help get the engine back in but did a less than stellar job. Last year, post-surgery and my back feeling a little better, we pulled the engine back out, fixed the various things…and then in the middle of putting it back in, re-injured my back. My oldest son followed me into the USAF and the younger son leaves for college next summer, so it’s time to retire this project. Land vehicle Vehicle Car Hood Sports car
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That sir, is a p-type...

Sorry to hear you didn't get to finish the project but certain you're in the right place to find someone who can bring it back to whole.

Good luck,

It might be time for a roadtrip to St Louis!
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Should not be too difficult to sell, looks like a healthy body, which is priority #1 with theses.
Back injury is the bane of wrenching... Nice two-tone, luv the wheels! GLWS
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