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I am in the process of selling this vehicle. Please be patient, as I will be updated more details concerning the vehicle. I will try and give a clear description of the vehicle as best and as I can, so there is no mis-understanding.

1985 Toyota Supra P Type (Mark II)
Body: 2 door
Color: Supra White
Transmission: 5-Speed manual
Engine: 5-MGE, 6 cylinder
Mileage: 165,000
Interior: Blue, cloth, AC, heater, sun roof, cruise control, power windows/door locks, power steering/brakes, tilt wheel, full spare tire, jack/tire changing tools and rear defroster.

Fair Estimated Price: $4,500 - $5,500 (TBD)

Exterior and Interior details: This rare white mint body (see notes below) and blue cloth interior is completely OEM stock and un-molested. Car has been always parked in an enclosed garage. There is no rust on the inside or outside, except a very micro (size of an ant) spot near the bottom of the factory spoiler wing on the hatchback trunk area. This is a common problem area with Celica's and Supra hatchbacks where water accumulates. Nothing to worry about, but I wanted to point this out for those who are looking with a fine tooth comb. The white paint is glossy, but some of the hood area needs polishing. It is amazing how this car holds up after 23 years.

Bad News, but nothing to sweat about.....

Exterior Body: Due to a right tire blow out (from rubber tire shredding) on the freeway at 65 mph, there is a small amount of damage (black trim panel) below the right passenger door and the lower corner passenger fender.

Good News:

No physical damage was done to the right passenger door, fender flare or front engine hood. From a second opinion, this is an easy fix to repair for a body shop technician or expert DIY who has done body work. You could possibly straighten the fender out, however replacing the entire fender would be best. I will include a brand new OEM Toyota mud flap and lower panel black molding trim piece. I was really mad when this happened, but life goes on.....

Interior Body: Rare blue cloth interior. All original and feels and looks like mint condition. The most important feature for this car is that it is un-molested and older adult owned. The dash board, steering wheel, gear shift knob/boot cover, door panels, glove box, console, plastic and metal trim pieces and covers, interior carpet, and cloth seat material have that "no worn look or fading to it", and it shows. Driver's seat bladder still works. Keeping the car inside a garage environment has helped preserved this.

It has the Toyota AM/FM radio and equalizer unit, but the cassette tape player stopped working. The factory antenna mast still works like new after 23 years. It retracts when you turn on/off the stereo unit.

Glass: All clean, except one tiny nickel BB size located in the middle lower portion of the windshield. No spreading or line cracking.

Rubber/Plastic/Molding and Paint: All present and excellent. Again, vehicle was garaged and this will preserve rubber, plastic and paint. No leaks; seals are tight. Hatchback, doors, and hood open/close solid tight.

Electrical: All excellent. Power windows, door locks, turn signals, headlights/brake lights, electrical switches, cruise control, sensors, speedometer, tachometer, gauges, wiper blades (front and rear), etc. Pop up headlights and sunroof all functional and smooth.

Engine and Other: The 5-MGE engine is all stock and smog legal. Exhaust and muffler is stock. All smog emissions are present and has passed smog inspection during it's entire life.

Suspension: Front and rear shocks are stock; never replaced.

Transmission and differential: Shifts smoothly. Excellent; gear oil changed as recommended by factory manual.

Here is some history on the engine repair and parts done since owning the vehicle. The head gasket was replaced at 135,000 and the oil pump/pan was replaced 163,187. Fan clutch/thermostat was replaced 160,316. New crossed drilled front KVR Performance rotors and OEM rear rotors, including all four brake pads were replaced at 159,034. Clutch slave cylinder was replaced at 135,000. The idle speed control sensor motor was sticking, so the shop replaced this at 165,206. This expensive part was $814.64 from the Toyota dealership. Talk about price gouging!

A brand new heavy duty high performance ACT clutch, throwout bearing, rear main oil seal, clutch master unit and new fluid was done and installed at 160,936. New NGK wires were installed during annual tune up. Factory AC controls are present, but does not blow cold air. Added freon recharge, but it may be possible the unit needs to be rebuild entirely to bring it back to life. The heater blows hot air and defroster units all work. All timing belts, fan belts, entire cooling system hoses (top to bottom), fluids have been replaced accordingly to factory manual. Factory battery was replaced with a $130.00 gel battery from Costco.

The engine does not smoke or burn oil. No water or engine leaks. However, my mechanic noticed there is a slight noise which he believes it may be a warn out wrist pin. The engine has not been investigated further than this. There is no evidence of harmful piston slapping, chattering valves, camshaft vibration, etc. However, I suspect at 165,000 miles, the engine ideally is ready to be rebuilt like a Supra 5-MGE engine with this type of mileage during normal ownership. This was my intention anyways (see Story note below).

A side bar note: If any mechanical items needed on this vehicle, it was serviced locally by my Japanese car techincian right away. I changed the oil and filter every 3,000 miles. The car was used on commuting purposes only to and from work (mostly highway). This car was never abused, adult owned. Pet and smoke free. Engine does not fail to start up on the first turn of the key 99.9% of the time.

Tires: Brand new Performance GT 225-60-14 radial tires have less than 500 miles and were purchased at Discount Tires. The factory wheels are stock and are in mint condition. No curb rash or dents. They are dull due to age, so they lost their shiny factory clear coat luster. Hand polishing with buffer and clear coat will be needed to get them looking like brand new again. Wheel caps are in mint condition. Has the factory wheel lugs and Gorilla wheel locks. Spare tire was used only once when the front right blew out on the freeway. Factory jack and tools were never used. The factory wood tire cover is present and window hatchback sun shade is fully functional with no tears.

Accessories & Other Items:

On the Supra forum, I bought a new LJM Strut Bar, but never installed it. Never installed custom-made 4 wheel adapter hubs/lug nuts for usage of 16" type rims (Honda Civic bolt pattern). Never installed four 16" Japanese Tenzo Morphix (Silver Edition) aluminum wheels to fit the special hub adapters. My plan was to upgrade chassis performance using wider tires/wheels. I do know it took me awhile to find the right wheel look, and quality to match the vintage retro-look of the factory Supra Mark II style wheels.

I have 4 extra brand new Toyota Supra center wheel caps. Never installed (3) pod gauge cluster to match blue interior. Matching blue dashboard mat, slightly used Toyota factory manual and never installed hood shock struts included.

I also have two sets of rare black metal Shadow window louvers for a 1982-1984 Celica GTS hatchback. They may fit a 1982-1984 Supra with the upper spoiler wing only. I bought this because I was going to buy a Celica GTS someday, but that did not quite happen. You hardly see these anymore even on eBay.

Story: I owned several 1982-1983 Celica's and 1984-85 Supra's in my lifetime and they are my true favorite Japanese cars to own. The car has been driven up to and stored in our garage since 2004. My plans were to rebuild the engine, along with the body refinishing. Hence, have a nice Supra for the weekend to drive. I even kept up the insurance policy while car was stored. I start the engine once a week and currently use a battery tender to make sure the parts get lubricated as if it were being driven daily. The vehicle has a clear title and vehicle registration. It is a non-operational fee and it only costs me $47.00 for the yearly registration.

At this point in time, I just don't have the time to get this project off the ground. I will be turning 49 years of age this year, so time is catching up with me. My goal is to find a buyer who would appreciate this Supra and care for it. I've got to clean out the garage and make room for other family and hobby projects. The wife has been patient. I am open to honest/serious dialogue communication on the pricing, as I am not in any rush to sell this Supra (no low ball offers, please).

Please, I am not interested in selling any of the spare parts or accessories, so please refrain from asking. However, the rear hatchback louvers will not work for Supra's with the upper and lower spoiler wing combination, so this will be an exception.

There are a lot of Supra's on eBay and AutoTrader that are in horrible condition. I believe this Supra is an excellent bench mark for a ground up show restoration if this is your purpose or hobby. I do not sell junk. I take pride in caring for my personal posessions. I want this Supra to go to a very good home. 1982-1985 Supra Mark II's are becoming rare each year, especially hard-to-find un-molested vehicles. Again, this is the desirable Supra white body exterior with blue cloth interior.

Photos will be posted soon or I can send them directly to you when they are ready. Sorry, I am not digitally camera ready, so I must ask the wife to help me on this area. My email address is [email protected] if you want more details. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Leland
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