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1985 Toyota Celica GTS convertible exhaust

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Just wondering where I can acquire an OEM style cat back exhaust pipe and muffler for my 1985 Toyota Celica GTS convertible. Not looking to modify m, just a supplier where I could get one. Thanks!
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Have you checked any of the online sites that purport to be able to order parts from warehouses in Japan and abroad like Amayama or Megazip? I'm not certain exactly what part you need, but for 17430-35410, Megazip still has a price for it in the catalog. That doesn't mean its still available, just that there is still a chance. Best thing to do is to use the <contact us> button and ask them to check availability before you order, otherwise they might have to cancel the order and refund your card after they find out they can't get it. They're just a broker, they don't have their own inventories, but they've set up some very good websites and sometimes we get lucky.
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Its pretty standard procedure to look up and make sure the part fits your car. I wouldn't worry. There's not much nefarious they can do with just the VIN number and not much incentive, not like its a Ferrari or something (and Ferrari won't sell parts without giving a VIN number because they don't want their parts showing up on a Pontiac Fiero).
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