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1985 white Toyota Celica Supra

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Hi there, we’re brand new to this forum and need your help please. We had just decided to sell our 1985 Celica Supra, 85,000 original miles automatic. It was my husband’s Uncle’s here in Victoria BC Canada then ours here in the same city. We feel badly cause we don’t have a garage to store the beauty in. We need to get the upholstery fixed in 2 small areas. It has Collector’s plates. We were going to ask $17,500 for it when as luck would have it we now need 2 parts as it wouldn’t start after Church service on Sunday. We need an ignition coil #90919-02154 and an igniter #89620-14361. Anybody have these parts out there please? And anybody interested in purchasing it once it’s fixed. It really is in lovely shape apart from these issues.
The car a white two door hatchback with blue interior, and sun roof.

Thank you sooooo much!
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click here for a how-to thead regarding interchanging some other more easily obtainable ignitors for your ignitor which is no longer available.
The MSD 8227 Blaster TFI Ignition Coil for a Mustang will replace the stock coil. Check ebay or JEGS or Amazon.
click here for a how-to thread regarding swapping in a Crane Cams PS91 ignition coil.

BTW, is that asking price in Canadian dollars?
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