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1986 MX72 Cressida Wagon 85k miles For Sale in San Diego, CA

Please excuse me if this violates the site rules and feel free to delete if it offends. While not a Celica Supra this Cressida does share the same 5MGE motor and a few other parts. In any event I am putting it up for sale to make room in my garage and budget for Pearl, my 1985 MkII. And since this site and it's members have provided me with countless hours of fascination and support I thought I would offer it here first as token of my appreciation. I'll keep it up here for a week or two and if there is no interest than I will get it detailed and offer it on a WWW wide basis.

I purchased this from the original owner's family about two years ago. It had 68.5k miles on it when acquired and now has 84.5k miles. It was sitting for more than 10 years due to a bad differential. I have been driving it daily to work without a single hiccup save for the alternator giving up the ghost on one afternoon. I already had a good collection of parts to upgrade a few things which were intended for my previous Cressida Wagon that was sold after a young lady T-Boned me on a rainy day. My previous one had 295k miles on it but it ran great and the blue paint was absolutely beautiful since it was garaged. This silver one has always been garaged too however the original owners used it to store boxes on and the paint has mucho fine scratches consistent with boxes being slid across the surface. Besides that there is a dent in the front right QP which someone did the first month after I got it. I could go on with details however this ad is getting long and maybe boring so I will cut to the chase.

1986 Cressida Wagon MX72
Upgrades include:
Mk1 Supra axle with 3.72 open differential
Mk1 disc brakes
Raptor Racing SS brake lines
T3 Four Links and adjustable Panhard
KYB Rear Shocks
Heavy Duty Aluminum Drive Shaft
Large front brakes from a 1988 MX73
Slotted Brake Rotors in front
Mk3 Supra Master Brake Cylinder
Rabid Chimp Intake
Alternator from 1992 Camry V6 for higher amperage

Everything works except for the A/C.

The differential noise level increases with speed however this is due to the four links and panhard direct metal to metal connections. I have tried multiple differentials and they all sound the same even though they were proven quiet in the original source car.

I removed the rear wiper blades and antenna motor. I have saved these parts and have the original intake too that will go with the sale. I also have a great condition matching silver color right front QP that will go along as well.

The silver cloth interior is in great shape with no defects from damage. The carpet has some coffee stains but is in overall solid shape. The original Cressida floor mats are in very good shape too.

Asking $8,000.

Send PM with interest.


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i like your car! I was looking for a wagon 10 years back and couldn't find on,so I bought my '84 Supra.
A station wagon is a very practical car for hauling around a lot of stuff-that's why I wanted one. Yours looks to be in great shape,too! Thanks for the post! (y)

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Thanks for the props Dave! The convenience of the wagon is terrific.

I'll also add that with only 85,000 miles and being garaged nightly the under body is totally rust free and most of the plated hardware still sparkles blue, green and gold.

The timing belt was done at 53,325 miles but that was in 1999 so a refresh for the next 100k would be smart.

The tires are Michelin Defenders with 80% tread remaining.

The parking brake works as it should with the Mk1 rear disc brakes.

Lots of service records from the original owner too.

I'll get it up on a lift soon for some pictures of the under body and share them here.


Original purchase contract for $18,191.98 cash.
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