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1986 MKII Starting Problems Cold or Hot

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Hello, I'm having trouble determining the reason my supra is slow to start. Cold or warm after sitting awhile (more than 5 or 10 minutes) it takes about 20-25 seconds to start. Cold start injector was replaced with no change. Now, I tried turning the ignition on but not cranking waiting about 20 seconds, start cranking and it starts after 2-3 seconds. All of this without depressing the pedal. Any ideas? Could this mean its losing fuel pressure? How would I check this? I see no evidence of leaking anywhere, no fuel odors. Also, just replaced plugs, wires, cap and rotor. Once its running it runs great with no indication of a problem. Thank you..
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Just turning the key to the RUN position does not start the fuel pump (unless your AFM is bad), so it can't be building up pressure until you crank. Yes a lousy fuel pump could mean a little longer to build up the required pressure for injectors to atomize, if the fuel return to tank is too large.
But to find out, you need some tooling to tap in the fuel rail and monitor pressure.
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