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ive just got back from modifying a 1geu alternator (out of a 1982 ga61) to fit into my 1982 ma61 (5mge)
It was a rather easy swap really, and heaps cheapeer than getting the ma61 rebuilt again(was done 7months ago).
A second hand 5mge alternator to fit a 1982 supra costs $250

Anyway to get the 1geu alternator to fit you must, punch out the thing(not sure what its called, but the part that keeps the bolt loose and leaves the alternator to be able to be adjusted) that is in the lower back bolt hole and swap that over with the 1geu alternator.
Once you have done that you need to remove the pulley and the face off the 5mge alternator and swap it with the 1geu alternator.
There will be 3 long screws that you have to undo to do this, and the pulley nut will need to be undone with a rattle gun.

swap over the face and the pulley and put back together.

bobs ya uncle.

this is not an upgrade, but simply a cheap replacement

it will not work with facelift models as they have different plugs and also different brackets.
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