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A buddy of mine is considering going back to a legal 7mgte, after being pulled over numerous times.

This is a complete swap (not counting transmission). You will get the following:

- 1JZGTE engine, mileage unknown
- Fresh set of stock twins
- Extended harness
- Adapter for your year MK2
- 3" stainless downpipe
- igniter, ecu, map sensor, all electronics
- front sump oil pan (currently midsump, but we will change that for you.
- This is a jza70 motor, so it will have the hydro setup

Total cost $2000 even, plus the cost of shipping (usa only). Its running strong, boosting 12-15 psi depending on temperature.

Will get some pictures soon. So basically it will arrive ready to drop in. You will have to buy some MK2 mounts, and the flywheel/tranny setup. All the wiring will be completed.
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