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Well, its been 2 months since i have had my first MKII....and it has been a privilage.....sure weve had out bad times...but weve also had our good times....

Like the time i raced a Contour SVT, and than i had the time when the altinator fucked up on me on the beltway at 10 pm and i had to drive home without headlights or anything.

I bought my car for $ had 96k original miles on it and now i have her up to about 103k....and that 7k has been awsome.

Another thing i must say is thanks to everyone that has helped me with many of my probs/questions. Especially Spank. :-D From the ICE to the restoration......thanks......and Special Thanks out to Toyota for making such a kick ass f*ckin vehicle that it makes me totally wanna $hit my pants! :p
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