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Muchbzy said:
I wanted to thank Mike for putting this together. It's not easy asking people to come together from all over and knowing exactly how many of them are going to show. Thanks to Jay for meeting me outside of Richmond and caravaning the rest of the way and to all the other people that I met who share a love for a car that we have in common. BTW Mike, it's "Hughes" (I just love giving you a hard time) :lol: Oh, and Mike is too shy to tell you on his last run he got into the 16's!! :shock:
No problem Charles....

BTW... as for the Supra Meet....... dang it is the first Supra meet I was and I had a lot of fun.... learned a few more stuffs about our cars and shared a few stuffs to other people.... It was a good turn around since last year... as per Mike is telling us.... but now I am totally hooked up to this and it is nice to see another Supra enthusiast in VA, MD, PA....

and also Damon Saul Rock the Meet.... with his 7MGTE powered MKI....

Thank you to Mike for organizing this meet!!!

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