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2004 Calendar -Time to purchase!!! 12/1/2003

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we are officially sold out!

Thanks for all the participation guys, this was a true success. Get ready for next years calendar...we will be collecting pictures at the beginning of November....and be sure to snap some killer pics!!! ;)
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Awesome...what a Beautiful Birthday Present for me to see the calenders on sale today :bday: I'm taking'll have the $$$ in 5 mins.

Thanks to all that helped get this calender out...a special kuddos goes out to Mike and Chris...thanks guys. :woowoo:
Im working on that as we speak ;) I went and posted this without figuring out UK, Aus and Canada shipping. More to follow soon......
Mike...I'm down for one. Money sent.
Here is some commentary from the calendar man Chris:

These will be full color(known as 4 color process in the printing world), front and back, on a semi-gloss stock for the inside of the calendar (everything but the cover). The cover will be a gloss stock outside and semi-gloss inside (which will match the inside pages), and will be in a "cover stock" weight. They will have a single-hole punched in the top of each page so they can be hung, saddlestitched (2 staples to hold it all together), and trimmed. Also, the pictures will be bled off the edge.
The calendars will be similar to those you find in stores, both in the color
and the feel of the paper.

We should have a teaser pic soon ;)
Thanks Mike and Chris. I know we all have been waiting for one. Count me in, money sent via paypal about 2 minutes ago...woo hoo, i can't wait.
Hey Mike

How much shipping to Cape Town South Africa(7560 Zip)? Prolly the only SA boy on this site with a sup!!
Sounds great Mike! I'm definatly in for at least 1, but would it be too much to ask you to post who's cars made the cut? Kind makes a difference as to how many to buy for those who are in the running.
I will have shipping info tomorrow guys.

Seamus: I will also have that for you is a teaser, so you get an idea of what it will look like...still working on the 'perfect' config :)
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One for me please.

Got my friend to paypal you the cash. He put rsdeo in the note with my address. Also my address is in the shipping address. There are two names there because we used his account, I don't have a paypal account.

Please PM when you get the payment.


I wonder if my car made the cut? Though I don't see too many MKIIs around any more (none in my town), I know there are some nice ones out there.
Count me in for one as well. Money is already sent. I need a GREAT calendar for the wall.
Much Coolness Mike!!!!

I'm in for 1 calendar. Will send out a USPS Money Order on Thursday (payday). Thanks!!!!

[Edit] Update, Thursday 12/04. Money Order has been dropped into today's mail & is getting to via normal Snail mail. Should get to you by the middle of next week. Thanks again!!!
Slightly off topic but since we are talking Calanders, It is December 1st. Don't forget to turn the page on the 2003 Supra Calander. And enjoy that pretty Holiday Red car.... :lol:

Just sent you the cash via paypal for 1 calendar.
Just sent in my payment through PayPal. Thanks Mike...
Thanks guys, we are moving right along :)
I'm in for one, Paypal is on its way.
Thanks again for all the work!

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