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It was all PHUN!
I was late,as usual.
Got there after everyone else had porked out at the Bakery.
SIX Toyotas total.
Nice run through the 2 lane back roads of Sultan and Snohomish,WA.
Some tire squealing involved. No mechanical issues for anyone. Nice day,too!I smacked at light pole support cable on a YOU turn... Minor.
Brian hosted chips&dips and BEER...Yum!:mm_beer::salute:
Smooth driving on smooth roads. Just the PNW people.

Next is Centralia! Saturday,May 14th. Should be a LOT of cars.
ANY car is welcome.

Quote from Rich:
Background: This event has happened since the late-1990s! I've gone since 2006. It used to be in March and we froze our asses off in the rain (like today's weather) so it shifted to late April or May about 5 years ago. This is a get together of the folks from Portland and Seattle (and sometimes Yakima Valley) to show off winter projects, or show you didn't do anything over the winter. OK to show up without a Supra if still in the garage. This is a get together more than a car show (but you should at least wash the car). OK to show up without a Supra. It used to be 2/3 MK IVs, lately about equal between the generations. Factory Outlet just east of I-5, next to Van Heusen. FREE

Quote from villerat:
So lets do this, I wont be in the states for Centralia meet, so some of you know the back roads in the area of Centralia. If you want a fun run after the meet. YEAH! DUH!
Rich knows.
Last year was not good: Rain.
Look at all of the MK II's!
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