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For such an 'underpowered' car, the Toyota 86 sure pulled like a champ.

Certainly, its enthusiasm waned as the speedometer needle swept past 200 km/h (125 mph), its meager 2.0-liters of displacement fighting heroically against the onslaught of air trying to halt its forward progress. But acceleration wasn’t the only dynamic attribute that was challenged by this brisk pace; the sports car felt noticeably more planted at around 175 km/h (109 mph), plus the hood didn’t look as if it were ready to go airborne.

Like a kid waiting patiently for Christmas morning, my perseverance was rewarded with sunny weather, minimal traffic and no construction to speak of. In short, the conditions were perfect for a rip down the vaunted Autobahn. All that stood between me and Munich was about 40 miles of billiard-table tarmac and no one telling me to slow down.

But as fun as ‘Bahn blitzing can be, it was hardly the most exciting part of this drive, nor is it a task the 86 is particularly well suited to. This is a car designed for sweeping back roads and autocross courses – a four-wheeled cruise missile it is not.
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