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I would not be selling these if I weren't in dire straights but I need the money badly.

These are 235cc injectors from and older Honda Accord. Yes, this is a set of 6. These do not require any wiring as the stock plugs work fine, HOWEVER, they are a little shorter than the stock fuel injectors so the mounting point for the fuel rail on the lower intake runners will need to be ground down a little for a snugger fit.

These injectors are recommended for mild 5MGTE/6MGTEs or wild 5MGEs/6MGEs.

I highly suggest having these rebuilt, I know at least one cap is cracked.
This place seems to come highly recommended from a few other members and is where I would have sent these out to myself.

I am asking $75 for them, which includes shipping in the USA and paypal fees. Please no comments about the price, if you're not interested please stay out.

Paypal ONLY please. [email protected]
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