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Here are your current choices in 225 & 235 for the stock p-type rims:

225 Section ~24.6 Diameter
Tire Speed UTQG TreadWidth
1.Sumitomo HTR4 H 320 A A 7.2
2.Michelin Pilot H 400 A A n/a
3.Falken Ziex ZE502 H 420 A A n/a
4.Kelly Charger Asym* H 440 A B 7.1
5.Yokohama Avid S/T T 420 A B 6.8
6.Dunlop GT Qualifier T 440 A B 7.2
7.Cooper Cobra GT T 440 A B 7.2
8.BF Goodrich TA S 400 A B 7.2

235 Section ~25.1 Diameter
1.General XP2000 II T 380 A B n/a
2.Yokohama Avid S/T T 420 A B 7.3
3.Cooper Cobra GT T 440 A B 7.6
4.Dunlop GT Qualifier T 440 A B 7.5
5.Firestone FH Indy 500 S 500 A B 7.7
6.BF Goodrich TA S 400 A B 7.6

*I believe this is the same as the Discount Tire house brand Road Hugger.

235 is a little wider contact patch, but they are 1/2 inch larger diameter which effectively changes your overall gear ratio. It'd probably "feel" about like changing from a 4.30 to a 4.10 rear end. Also, the only H ratings are in the stock size. I couldn't see any advantage to using any of the 235s so I went with the Sumitomos this latest set. That is my recommendation. Also have good reviews from this group on the Falkens. The Michelins are good also but not worth double the cost of the other options.

Phil D.
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