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2jz ge speed governor

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I am new to the forum.
i need some info about how to govern the speed of 2jzge.

i am planning on using the engine for a genset and i need to govern the speed to 1450 rpm (idle or under load)
is there any way the ecu could be mapped to maintain that speed?

i am avoiding the mechanical governors cus they are sluggish in response to load.

is there any other effective way?

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Remove throttle body and install a plate, or weld the TB shut. Then drill a small hole into the plate/throttle plate, check its RPM. Go larger and larger with the hole until you reach your RPM point. Then the IAC valve should be able to compensate when there is more load applied to the engine.

2JZ's have an idle up vac control for the power steering, you might be able to adapt something to that using a solenoid on the vac line to control the rise rate.

Just a few ideas.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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