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I have been reading about what to do for a Tach signal. And the options I can find are the Resistor mod to change out the resistors to either match the 7MGTE tach or short out the resistor, though I can't find this actually being tried other than a test bench or with a 2JZGE tach. The other option is to build a Tach Signal booster that will trigger the stock tack, this seems to be needed by the 7MGTE tach as well though this is not clear. Seems many people have tried these methods with various degrees of success.

My take is just to short out the required resistor, the one that spans the longest gap on the pcb. Will this provide the correct sweep?

Sites for reference:
Tach sweep off with resistor change.

The 7MGTE Tach mod which has links to the resistor comparison and the Tach Booster.

2JZGE to 2JZGTE Resistor tach mod that works pcb board is different though.

Jumpering the resistor for 5v square wave (2JZGTE) tach input.
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