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LOL... ;):unsure:
EYE am a goof! Watch me pull the lights on a faster car! Automatics are way better to 'yank' the tree.
I pulled a .007 light! Very proud.
Tough game,drag racing. You will WIN at the tree. Just bracket racing,guys.
Dial in and TRY to run your dial-in time. I double dare you! My times were...17.4 seconds for 1/4 mile with an automatic car. I just killed 'em at the tree. FIVE runs,back to back. Fun stuff. NO burn outs because My car will NOT spin the rear tires.150 HP? No. It was a TON of fun in Bremerton,WA.
I'll suggest that this type of entertainment will not be suggested for a daily driver.
Gee,there were a LOT of very fast and cool cars there!
Weber DCOE 45's carbed 4 bangers that were a stick shift? IN A TRUCK! He drove it to the track. It launched like a rocket!
When you are in a venue that has ALL racers, you will be amazed at the pile friends that you will make.
Got a hobby? You will see. Pick a few.
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