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If you are in CA, like your location says, note that you'll need EGR to pass smog. On JDM 2JZGTEs (which I assume this is) from what I can tell none of them come with the EGR passages machined, unlike JDM 5/6/7M motor where they have the same head and a block off plate. You are better off doing this with a front cut instead of a loose motor and tranny. I think I figured on needing around 8k in new part from Toyota to take a JDM front cut and convert it enough to make it look US spec for smog. A big chunk of the cost was a new head ($900), engine wiring harness ($1000), ECU (AEM ~$1400 or Toyota ~$2k). Plus the EGR parts are like $1k to replace (I don't believe there is a part under 100 bucks on the 2JZ EGR). Things like the cams, turbos, injectors are pretty easy to find used. If you use a loose motor you'll need the ignitor, injector resistor pack, and something else from what I remember. From what I can tell these two parts are common with other two Toyotas (thankfully). The front cut will save you on these little items and get you the PS pump system/reservior/hoses, AC pump/hoses, intercooler and piping, and the misc wiring stuff. Also the 6spd would be a tough fit in a Mk2. The shifter is like 7" further back on the V160 vs the mk2 W58.
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