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I have up for sale my 2jzgte from a 95 toyota aristo. I purchased seperately the usdm injectors, rail and turbos. I sold the jdm turbos and fuel setup a while back. The motor is in shortblock form. I'm willing to part the stuff out. But the shortblock I would prefer that whoever buys it please come pick it up. If not listed pm me and if I have it I'll send you a price.

-2jzgte "shortblock" $800
-jdm cylinder head $400
-jdm cams and cam sprockets $100
-usdm injectors $300
-usdm fuel rail $50
-stock usdm twin turbos still mounted on manifold $500
-94 mk4 obd1 6speed ecu $300
-brand new jun lightened flywheel to r-154 transmission $325
-jdm ecu that came with the front clip$175
-ignitor $175
-aristo a/c compressor $100
-2jz upper and lower intake manifold $175
stuff I dont have;
-wiring harness

My father just passed away in march and I want to get my car back on the road for my own personal reasons. I live near toledo ohio where the motor and parts are stored. P.M. me and we can go from there. not looking to ship the shortblock. come pick it up if you can. Thanks everyone for you support and looking! have a good day.


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If your going to pull parts off of it, I need a few items.

One cam angle sensor, all 6 coil packs, and the ignitor. let me know if your will separate these items and also if we can work out a package price. Thank you.
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