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3.73 diff

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hey guys i jsut found out i have a 3.73 LSD in my parts car :) is this rare? its an 82. so now i have a 4.3 a 4.1 and a 3.73. is it a good idea to swap this into my 86 (4.3). my 86 whines and howls all the time. will the 3.73 bolt right up to my 86??
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82Spearco said:
I will have to go back through the posts, but I am pretty sure that Jim King sent a ring and pinion gear to Sean for his Tru-trac, but that someone else had Sean provide everything. Sean has a supply of parts compatible with ours, mostly from the front 7.5" diffs from toy 4x4's. Maybe I am wrong......

Maybe Jim, Don, William, or someone else who has gone through this process will chime in.
I sent the ring and pinion. He had an extra carrier. It was less expensive
than shipping the entire carrier.

Wondering if Richmond Gear would be interested in making another
3.72 ring and pinion production... (would require some high numbers..)
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