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3.73 diff

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hey guys i jsut found out i have a 3.73 LSD in my parts car :) is this rare? its an 82. so now i have a 4.3 a 4.1 and a 3.73. is it a good idea to swap this into my 86 (4.3). my 86 whines and howls all the time. will the 3.73 bolt right up to my 86??
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If you want to upgrade to the Tru-trac, Sean at River City Diffs can supply with the whole kit and caboodle! All you have to do is install it when it arrives.
I will have to go back through the posts, but I am pretty sure that Jim King sent a ring and pinion gear to Sean for his Tru-trac, but that someone else had Sean provide everything. Sean has a supply of parts compatible with ours, mostly from the front 7.5" diffs from toy 4x4's. Maybe I am wrong......

Maybe Jim, Don, William, or someone else who has gone through this process will chime in.
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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