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3.73 + TrueTrac installed

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First, many thanks to DonL for finding River City Differentials.

I received my rebuilt diff this week from RCD and it was installed Friday.

A very nice match to the 7MGTE.

First gear is actually usable, highway cruising is very nice.

The pesky rear end whine is gone, but some residual, as I suspect it's
now the drive shaft, or just the noisey W58 resonating through the driveshaft.

Next project: 3" stainless exhaust.
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MK2Racer said:
How much did your rebuild cost and what did you have done?

I shipped a set of relatively new ring and pinion to Sean.

He had an extra case.

So, a full rebuild, a TrueTrac installed. $550 Shipped from CA to MA.

Personally, I think this is a very good price.
Don L. said:
Jim, now you will need to invest in a nice stiff front sway bar (to keep that rear end planted), and coilovers in front to adjust the front/rear weight distribution. Really, you are gonna love that rear diff ! With that turbo power, it will be a massive improvement over whatever you had, but first time you notice inside wheel spin, remember what I said :)

Don L.
My first MK2 had stock springs, Koni Adjustables and Addco's.
The Addco's made a big difference, reducing that rear diaganol squat.

On this MK2, I have Eibach's, NOS Illumina's and stock sway bars.

I'm currently pleased with the factory sway bars for regular spirited driving. Though since you are our resident expert on MK2 suspension,
I will put this on my every growing list of to do items.

Another side note. A local boat fabricator just bought a CNC mandrel bender. It has the mimic feature, which if I supply a donor, it
can calcuate the bends and angles. Hmm, hollow sway bars. Hmm...
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Crocket said:
how did you correct your speedometer with the new rear end (3.73s)?

Not done yet. I have the parts. Just need to play "Operation".
82Spearco said:
Jim, do you think he could make em for less than what Addco charges?

Second question, is that the same type of mandrel bender used to make SS exhausts?
Unknown. I'm going to bring a prototype to him to get an idea of pricing.

Different guy, but he can bend stainless tubing (ie, exhaust).
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Suprajayaz said:
jdk_ii said:
Crocket said:
how did you correct your speedometer with the new rear end (3.73s)?

Not done yet. I have the parts. Just need to play "Operation".
Jim-I'm interested to see what you come up with on the speedo fix. I've had the 3.73 when the gte went in. Lewitz and I looked at all the speedo gears and long story short I concluded - the inner tailshaft drive gear needed to be changed along with the outer nylon gear - this was for the '85 P-type.. So, used a GPS and calculated that I'm off 10%.. easy # to add to the speedo.. Jay B
I have all the correct parts. Just there is two install methods.

Pull the rear tailshaft housing off (ugh), or test my surgeon skills.
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