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3.73 + TrueTrac installed

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First, many thanks to DonL for finding River City Differentials.

I received my rebuilt diff this week from RCD and it was installed Friday.

A very nice match to the 7MGTE.

First gear is actually usable, highway cruising is very nice.

The pesky rear end whine is gone, but some residual, as I suspect it's
now the drive shaft, or just the noisey W58 resonating through the driveshaft.

Next project: 3" stainless exhaust.
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Another side note. A local boat fabricator just bought a CNC mandrel bender. It has the mimic feature, which if I supply a donor, it
can calcuate the bends and angles. Hmm, hollow sway bars. Hmm...[/quote]

Jim, do you think he could make em for less than what Addco charges?

Second question, is that the same type of mandrel bender used to make SS exhausts?
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