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3.73 + TrueTrac installed

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First, many thanks to DonL for finding River City Differentials.

I received my rebuilt diff this week from RCD and it was installed Friday.

A very nice match to the 7MGTE.

First gear is actually usable, highway cruising is very nice.

The pesky rear end whine is gone, but some residual, as I suspect it's
now the drive shaft, or just the noisey W58 resonating through the driveshaft.

Next project: 3" stainless exhaust.
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Re: re:

jdk_ii said:
Crocket said:
how did you correct your speedometer with the new rear end (3.73s)?

Not done yet. I have the parts. Just need to play "Operation".
Jim-I'm interested to see what you come up with on the speedo fix. I've had the 3.73 when the gte went in. Lewitz and I looked at all the speedo gears and long story short I concluded - the inner tailshaft drive gear needed to be changed along with the outer nylon gear - this was for the '85 P-type.. So, used a GPS and calculated that I'm off 10%.. easy # to add to the speedo.. Jay B
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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