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3uzfe swap

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Made a post 3 years ago about starting a 3uz auto swap on my 82 mk2 supra,thought I'd update and share what I've done and got right over the years,I started with a fresh painted 82 p type shell and a 3uzfe with a a340 auto transmission on a pallet,I went ahead and started ordering parts,after putting the 3uz and a340 in i instantly had problems,the a340 was barely hitting the tunnel well with no room to move or have linkage, I'd have to convert to cable linkage or cut up the tunnel well,and the 3 prong Toyota driveshaft wouldn't adapt to my axle or differential and the transmission wasn't a slide yoke and my local driveshaft shop wouldn't touch the axle because it wouldn't fit in there machines so I ditched the auto idea and went with the stock w58,that way everything could be stock and fit,I picked up a 1uz to w58 adapter kit from a member in here and it came with a act HD clutch kit,and the axle already fit that came with the kit,so everything went together great then I moved to exhaust, the passenger side manifold fit but the driver's side was hitting the steering shaft, I had a welder buddy come help with piping to make the manifold fit,after 10 hours of testing and fitting pipe we built the whole exhaust system, I used a 2 1/2 inch pipe from the downpipe into a Y and single out back to a Flowmaster FX muffler with a 4 inch tip,then I got a conversion harness for the 3uz and unlocked the ecu,did some wiring and got a new Delphi fuel pump with new lines and a aeromotive fuel pressure regulator with an inline filter,got new ngk iridium plugs,used a mk3 turbo radiator, cleaned and tested the injectors,made a ram air intake using 2 1/4 inch pipe with a filter because the stock air box wouldn't fit with the hood closed,motor is all stock with just a ecu remap, runs great making 233whp and 270ftlb torque,not fast but quick for stock parts,had it weighed it weighs 3170 lbs with me in it so right at 3000 lbs with full interior and the spare tire,gonna upgrade some things in the future but for now it's all right.
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