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4runner & Mazda

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OK, so Im going to drop my buddy off after a night of doing nothing, we pull up to a light in Long Beach, really no one around (it's late). This little Mazda pulls up next to us, might of been a protege... never saw the back of the car and dont care enough about Mazda's to know. He starts inching up on the line and then looks over at me and gives it a rev....the sweet sweet sound of :gotrice:

Now Im not in my Supra, Im in my 4runner, my 4runner is a 4cyl 2wd slightly lifted with a long travel setup, larger tires than stock with stock gearing... as far as acceleration goes this thing is a slug.

I look over at my buddy and he tells me to go for it, I respond with watch me loose and give a little rev back.

The light turns green and we take off :3gears: wait no... that didnt happen, remember my gearing? Anyway I did have the thing floored through each gear, but pulled on him the entire time, I backed off about 2 car lengths infront of him at which point he caught up and flipped me off. :mofo: My buddy procedes to grab my CB mic and turn on the PA, we proceded to make fun of him, his car, his sexual orientation... etc etc etc until he finally rolled up his windows and turned down a side street.

My 4runner.... the Protege killer :eek: :eek: :eek:
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that is hilarious.....omg.... :greatpos:
Now this is a riot!!!! Thanks for making my day!!!!

Yeah, that's what we need for our MKII's. Just for stupid days like this... A small/portable BULLHORN :twisted:
Those things are freak'n hilarious. My buddy has one of those under his hood. I've got the siren emulation down. weeeeeeeeooooop. You should see the looks on peoples faces! :shock: :ugh: :scratch: Nice kill against the proto-slow. These are the best times in life!
well that was my entertainment for the day, :D , by the way nice kill
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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