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5 stub conversion spacer

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Heya All,

I saw this for sale recently:

4 stud to 5 stud conversion spacers (25mm thick) to suit 4 x 114.3 PCD Cars (S13, Older Toyota etc.)

And also have a look at the Equip and Works 5 stud mags. I love the look of those Equips!

Now, 4 to 5 stud conversion I get. Being 25mm thick, does that mean that the offset will increase to 33mm?

Is this a good thing?

- Justin
Still learning about wheel tech.
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SilverMk2 said:
What is the 5 bolt side bolt circle, 4.5, 4.75, 5 or ? . If it is 5 x 4.5 (114.3)
Umm, what does it look like?

SilverMk2 said:
The extra 25mm of offset will give you a better selection of wheels. You'll pretty much want to be looking for wheels around 25mm of offset now.
Hmmm ... scratches head. Why 25mm?

Thanks for the info SM2! Dja like the look of those Equip. mags?

Dunno about legality, but suddenly a whole world of wheel options has opened up before my eyes!
Ahhh ... thanks again!

The spacers are certainly pricey. But the Equip wheels & tyres (assuming they are OK) for $1,500 Aus. looks like a bargain. If it would work, this combp is certainly cheaper than getting custom Simmons wheels made.
Thanks for the advice all,

I think I'll look into spacers to bring the offset out to match the S13 Nissan 180SX/Silvia (which are as common as mud in Oz.) - rather than changing the bolt pattern. Should be easier and less likely to draw attention by the constabulary :) too.

1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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