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5 stub conversion spacer

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Heya All,

I saw this for sale recently:

4 stud to 5 stud conversion spacers (25mm thick) to suit 4 x 114.3 PCD Cars (S13, Older Toyota etc.)

And also have a look at the Equip and Works 5 stud mags. I love the look of those Equips!

Now, 4 to 5 stud conversion I get. Being 25mm thick, does that mean that the offset will increase to 33mm?

Is this a good thing?

- Justin
Still learning about wheel tech.
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If you look at my web site you will see that I'm using adapters on my car, but as large spacers so the bolt pattern stays the same and I can fit different wheels. 4X114.3 on the hub and 4X114.3 on the adapter.

You are correct in calculating +33mm offset with the spacers for the new wheel, the factory wheel for the MKII is +8mm. I don't know why everyone assumes 0mm offset for the MKII, it says +8mm offset right on the stock rim?

I do know that using a different offset wheel not close to the original offset will cause abnormal bearing wear, but this is in cars with smaller wheel bearings and I have not seen it in MKIIs.

My best suggestion in wheel fit with those spacers you mentioned is find something that is close to the original offset, I mean a +33mm offset wheel. As you will see from what I've done is that there is really no problem with varying the offset within a range.

I guess by going to adapters (spacers) pick a new bolt pattern that wheels are readily available for, at the offset you need (for best fit) and at a cheap price. If not you might as wheel get custom wheels such those by Simmons or Braid.

I also noticed that some custom wheel manufacturers such as RH and Braid are now making and offering these adapters for sale. Check their web sites, some meet TUV compliance. I assume from this that if they are built and installed properly they should be safe to use on any car.
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1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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