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500+ Members!! #500 gets some stickers

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Hey guys, I just wanted to let everyone know, that we now have over 500 registered members here on our little forum. 8) It took only 2.5 months to pick up that many members. When the forum 1st went up, I told Sidman that I would be happy if we picked up 200 or so members. Fortunately, my modest expectations were surpassed. Below you will find some web stats:

These are April website monthly figures, and I have been seeing a 5-10% increase per month.

Unique IP hits: ~11,000
# of visits: ~28,000 (this is an average of course)
# of pages loaded: ~235,000
# of hits: ~2,374,769 (the web forum really pumps this # up I think?)
Bandwidth usage: ~17gig

Member #500, KCheng, gets a free set of stickers, please email me at: [email protected] for specifics.

Keep up the good work guys :D Also, thanks to everyone who contributed $ to make this site happen. :drinking:
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Okay..... I think something got lost in the translation here.

Unless someone is hiding a big secret here, I don't believe anybody is doing CelicaSupra.Forum stickers. stickers are already being done, & have been done for over a year + 1/2. See the big heading on the top of the forums page in between the 2 pictures. That's the current sticker. :shock: :oops:
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