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I had the same problem on my '83, the balancer/pully wasn't torqued right (I got to it before anything broke thank god) and I think that somehow caused the timing gear to get stuck on real good. We had another long block around with a gear to use if we broke it, so we went ahead micky mouse style and use some soft wood and a prybar to get it off. DO NOT DO THIS! the rims of the gear are sperate pieces, pressed on, and are very flimsy - we messed it up and replaced it. A regular puller isnt going to work because the crank is in the way, you'll probably need a larger one thean the cheap cdn tire ones I've seen. Remember not to grab it by those edges.

I thought I had another one of these things lying around too - I'll look for it. Is yours the square or round belt-tooth?
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