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5m-ge water leak

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hey. I have a 1983 supra p-type. the other day it started leaking water from somewhere on the driver side of the engine. I've spent the last 2 days trying to trace it without dismantling that side of the engine. I cant see anything from above because the intake is in the way and I cant see anything from below because the suspension is in the way. there arent any water lines (from what I can see) where its leaking. does anyone know where it might be leaking from? any ideas would help at this point. I thought I was a good mechanic but apperently not good enough. :dumbass:

please & thanks
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theres a coolant hose that runs along the underside of the intake manifold. a real pita to get to with the motor in the car and the intake on. theres also the iscv and the throttle body as well on the the drivers side, which have coolant flowing through them.
so I take it the only way to get to that hose without pulling the engine is to take off the intake? at least with a semi-limited tool box. with the iscv and the throttle body, if there isnt any cracks or anything could there be anything wrong with them other than a gasket? sorry if I sound like an idiot. I'm used to old chevy's
well, if you have small hands, you can probably get to it without taking the intake manifold off. i know that i probably couldnt, so i replaced mine when i had the motor out of the car. the reason i mentioned the throttle body and iscv was to check those hoses for cracks or leaks first, since if they are leaking, they are alot easier to change then the suicide hose.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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