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5m-ge water leak

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hey. I have a 1983 supra p-type. the other day it started leaking water from somewhere on the driver side of the engine. I've spent the last 2 days trying to trace it without dismantling that side of the engine. I cant see anything from above because the intake is in the way and I cant see anything from below because the suspension is in the way. there arent any water lines (from what I can see) where its leaking. does anyone know where it might be leaking from? any ideas would help at this point. I thought I was a good mechanic but apperently not good enough. :dumbass:

please & thanks
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Search the term "suicide hose" on this site and you might find your answer. Welcome!
Line up your cam timing/ignition timing and pull the distributor out.

If you want, you can eliminate the little hoses running through the throttle body and idle air control valve. I'm in Minnesota, have driven my car through winters and freezing cold, and never had a problem since I eliminated mine. Just used some short sections of hose, hose clamps, and silicone on the threads of bolts used as plugs for the short hoses.

Heck, after all that stuff is eliminated, is there any need for the suicide hose anymore? I'm considering eliminating that as well. The water pump provides hot water to the heater core, right?
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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