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Hey guys,

Im looking into turboing my Supra on the cheap next year, and I want to start collecting info/parts for the project.

I want to do it myself for as cheap as I can, because I cant afford Aarons (rabidchimps) awesome kick ass kit (damn bank account :cry:)

Im wondering what Ill need aside from these basics, and where I can get all of this stuff =)

-CT26 Turbo off of a 7MGTE
-7MGTE Turbo Manifold and gasket
-Larger volume fuel pump... will any toyota parts fit?
-fuel pressure regulator... which kind and what brand?
-Lots of misc pipe elbows and pipe lengths
-intercooler... what kinda and out of what car?
-turbo oil lines
-turbo coolant lines?
-misc nuts and bolts

Any help would be appreciated. I know it will be ghetto when its done, but it will be more fun building it =)

Thanks =)

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