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Just thought i would let you know my adventure of trying to get headers for my 82 5MGE. I took it to the exhaust work shop as the original manifold had warped and was behind the point of return. The guy at the workshop says yep, they order in headers for a 5MGE and go to put them on to find that the stud pattern was different!! I was slightly concerned thinking that i can't get headers for my baby! So the guy tried to investigate other headers from other suppliers but they had the same spec. So he tried a 7MGE header and they fit! How does that grab you! Has this happened to anyone else? I did bring my car out to Australia from the UK? But i cant see that there would be much of a difference in the aus spec supras! I just find this odd that the eninge listed with the same number here has a different stud pattern.

Any ideas why this would have occured?? :idea:

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