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5mge stopped running(has video)

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can someone help me find out what this is ?.... ok well so this is my first car it was running but had an overheat problem, there wasnt a thermostat installed... (previous owner was a retard..) so we flushed the radiator and installed a thermostat while we cleaned it (the car sat for 6 and a half years... it was pretty dirty before we cleaned it) so after that my friend spun the belt by the power steering.... which turns the crankshaft.... we think it knocked the timing off be cause after that it would not start... he turned it the opposite way and wallah it started but was struggling to stay running .... so we figured the timing was off .... so we took off the timing belt turned the number 1 cylinder until it was tdc and re-timed the camshafts and now it makes this sound ..... WHAT THE HELL !!!!!! i need help !!!! ive been told that it could be 1.the fuel pump 2. the starter ..... im not sure which one and i dont have aot of money so any suggestions please ?
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Sounds like its not even getting any spark.
Sounds like its not even getting any spark.
Sounds more like no compression to me.. Did you guys turn it back 180 and re-time it? Sounds like it's 180 out..
we havent yet im gonna do that in a short bit lol
Try that and see what happens. :)
ill try it and come back and tell you guys
Good deal, call if you need anything.
no dice dude .... i think it might be the battery dude ..... how come its just one constant hum instead of a whackawhackawhacka VVRROOOMMM sound ? is the starter functioning ?
Well, it's not the battery because the engine is spinning, and it's not the starter because.. the engine is spinning, haha. I don't know man, maybe others will chime in, it's got me puzzled..
I still say it is a timing issue between the head and the block, especially since the engine sounds and looks like the air is going in and right back out again (no compression like Cody said).

The other problem is it also seems like between you and your friend, you both are a little lost. So I have a few questions:
-How did you get the engine to TDC #1
-How did you "time" the cam gears?

I am sure I will think of more things to ask, but I think those are the first two main questions to answer.
ok i got the first cylinder to tdc by spinning the power steering belt (because it rotates the whole engine ) when it got to tdc i took the timing belt of and matched the hash marks on the gear to the ones on the case ....
How did you make sure it was at TDC? Did you line the mark on the crank pulley with the "0" on the front timing cover behind the crank pulley?

You do know there are 2 marks on each of the cam gears right? Did you make sure that at least the intake cam was correct by taking off the oil fill cap and looking down and seeing if the hole in the cam lined up with the hole in the cam tower? Did you make sure that the exhaust cam gear was also not upside down? If so, how?
I spy leaking cam seals....:sarcasm:
Hehe, one of the many reasons that engine got replaced with a 7m.
Yeah, those are cam gears, what are you trying to show? Well besides the fact that unless if you have messed with it again, your timing is really far off between the two cam gears, and REALLY damn far off if the crank pulley is at TDC. And the belt past the exhaust cam is really loose, you need to re-adjust the tensioner after you re-align the cam gears.

And unless if you did it, someone else swapped out at least the belt and cam gears with the 84+ ones since the 82-83 have a square toothed belt and cam gears that look like the ones that Cody posted.
prorities now are fuel and spark.
yea i got what i need to do now im going to actually fix the timing tomorrow and then try again if it still doesnt work ill post another video up
ok i think i know the problem, first, don't go by timing marks on the gear outside. take the gear off the cam and make sure the center dowel is facing up when the dot is facing up on the cam gear. it sounds like your not getting compression, i think one of the cams is 180degrees off, had this problem on a friends car once, it almost sounds like your cranking it without spark plugs. we found that the timing gear was on backwards and,

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