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5mge stopped running(has video)

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can someone help me find out what this is ?.... ok well so this is my first car it was running but had an overheat problem, there wasnt a thermostat installed... (previous owner was a retard..) so we flushed the radiator and installed a thermostat while we cleaned it (the car sat for 6 and a half years... it was pretty dirty before we cleaned it) so after that my friend spun the belt by the power steering.... which turns the crankshaft.... we think it knocked the timing off be cause after that it would not start... he turned it the opposite way and wallah it started but was struggling to stay running .... so we figured the timing was off .... so we took off the timing belt turned the number 1 cylinder until it was tdc and re-timed the camshafts and now it makes this sound ..... WHAT THE HELL !!!!!! i need help !!!! ive been told that it could be 1.the fuel pump 2. the starter ..... im not sure which one and i dont have aot of money so any suggestions please ?
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ok i think i know the problem, first, don't go by timing marks on the gear outside. take the gear off the cam and make sure the center dowel is facing up when the dot is facing up on the cam gear. it sounds like your not getting compression, i think one of the cams is 180degrees off, had this problem on a friends car once, it almost sounds like your cranking it without spark plugs. we found that the timing gear was on backwards and,

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As long as it was running before and the gears were not taken off, you DO NOT have to remove the bolt for the gear. If you look really closely at the gear, 82-83 had a "random" hole about midway between the teeth and the bolt, that is where the center pin is for the cam, same thing goes for the 84+, but it is the raised dot halfway between the teeth and the bolt.

And him saying that he is going to fix the timing after he shows the pictures, the timing is defiantly screwed up, I have been messing with the 5M's long enough to look at the gears and tell they were not aligned correctly for the base timing.
in the pics he posted his gears do not have these random holes same as my 5m, ,

since he aligned the intake camshaft thru the oil filler hole, it probly means his exhaust cam is 180degrees out exactly like my friends. which would make for the sound of no compression hehe.

my friends 86 timing gear dot was pointing up but the camshaft was 180 off,
Look at the pictures he posted again, there is a raised dot right below the "E", that lines up with the center pin for the cam. There are two timing dots on the gears on the teeth 180dgress apart, there is only one dot in the middle area of the gear.

I thought I explained it better, but I guess I did not before.

ah i thought you were referring to this picture which has a hole on the gear, and only 1 dot on the teeth.

but you see here where theres 2 dots 180 apart and no hole, but ya that raised section is the dowel
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