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5MGE very slow?

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Hey I got a 86 Cressida with a 5MGE, and automatic tranny. It has about 134,000 on it. It is all stock. Except for 84 Celica/Supra rims. Well my ploblem is when it is cold out it is very sluggish, and jerky when acclerating. But this didn't bother me to bad. When I tried to top it out going down the highway it was accerlating good but when I hit 90 it just died almost. It just stayed at 90. Then 1 minute later my check engine light came on. Whats weird is I had it up to 115 before no ploblem.

Then 2 days ago I took it to a 1/8 mile track. Hers what it ran: 60ft 2.756 330ft 7.827 594ft 11.139 1/8 11.869 at 61.57mph. :cry:

I know it shouldn't be that slow. Do you guys have any clue to what might be wrong with her? Thanks

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Could be a plugged catalytic converter or muffler, does it run out of gas in the lower gears as well? Sounds like you need to go through the basics. Pull and replace the spark plugs, check compression, check the cam timing and belt tension, check the air filter, check the plug wires and cap and rotor, ignition timing. Once that is all OK, you can go from there. You need to cover these basic tune-up things first. It might be all it needs.

Could be a number of other things ranging from clogged fuel filter to who knows what.
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