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5mgte quarter mile 104mph trap

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Car 155 on the slips track was hot like extremely hot... July in arizona
The track was very slick they prepped it once at 8pm or so and never again.

First run was reading 146~ kpa peak boost(6.7psi)
Very low timing as well 16 degrees
100mph~ pretty good for stock boost pressure

2nd run was after I shimmed the wastegate hoping for more boost(164 kpa - 9.3psi)
Very low timing 14 degrees at this pressure

3rd run bumped timing a bit 165 kpa(9.5psi)
19 degrees timing

4th run bumped timing 2 degrees more same boost 166 kpa on the log
21 degrees timing
104 trap is decent my guess is the car is making 290~ whp

Really needed to lean it out at 5000+ rpm the afrs were reading mid 10s
50/50 of 91 and sunoco 110
Straight 91 would have been fine but was expecting maybe 12 or 14 psi
Need to buy a MAC valve and just adjust the boost on the ecu.

Also on the way home I raced a newer 5.0 on the freeway
It had an aftermarket exhaust and wheels 6 speed
55-60mph starts which are 3rd and 4th gear pulls we were very close but he would pull 3/4 of a car by the top of 4th gear.
This was on an empty freeway 12:30am. We ran 3 times I was surprised I could even keep up let alone make it a close race

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What is your suspension and tire setup?

Looks like you should be able to dip into 13's if those numbers are on street tires.
Chasing times is what breaks stuff. Those are downright respectable trap speeds.

How is your car tuned? Nice that you are able to pull logs and check afr's and such.
I fully agree Gamble. 60' times are good too.

Whenever I take my car to the track I tend to ease out of the hole rather than launching hard and risk breaking parts.
Microsquirt is the ecu
Tune is a bit rough but that is one of the reason going to the track.
The tires I have flat hook on the street but spin on the track like they are wet
Federal 595 RSRs with very saggy springs in the rear

I slipped the clutch every launch rolling out then it would spin as boost came on zero wheel hop at all
Ordered a MAC valve to control the boost via the ECU rather than the stock WG setup.

Video of the last pass

Oh right, you just did the microsquirt guide that rules, duh. Thanks for that. Great vid. You should be able to get some nice easy launches if you can control boost off the line.
Good stuff man! With 104mph the ET's should be 13s. I'd drop the tire psi to 20 and get more aggressive with the launch. It's always good to pump the gas real fast, try to emulate a 2-step over a constant rpm clutch dump. Should be able to get 2.1-2.0 60' times which would be strong 13s.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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