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Modifying your profile:

quick said:
1. Click the 'Log Out' button
2. Click the 'Profile' button
3. Log in at the prompt
4. Edit your profile

Please post to this thread if you have questions.
These steps are no longer necessary. Recently, I modified the code to force the "Profile" option to show, whether you're logged in or not.

1) If you're not logged in, and you click "Profile" - you will be asked to enter your username and password.
2) If you are already logged in, then it will take you directly into the profile edit screen.

Address line fix:
The address line at the top of the screen will no longer display "/~mikecs" as part of the address path to the forum. That was something the software did on install, and I corrected it so the address line will always appear ... (nothing major, but I thought it looked kinda stupid).

Database backup:
Each week I'm going to back-up the forum database so if for some reason we have a problem, I will be able to restore it. However, only backing up once per week means that we "could" lose a few days worth of posts - but, it's better than losing everything right? The SQL database file I backed up completed at 40.7 MB - that's a LOT of stuff!

No worries - we have plenty of space on the server for growth. Thanks for being patient with the recent changes/fixes. We're just trying to make sure everything stays smooth, works good and keeps everyone happy.

Have a great weekend!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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