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6 mge Dyno #'s

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Just interested to know what rear wheel HP a 6 mge has?

Mine dynoed at 165rwhp. I have yet to crack the engine open to tweak it up a bit. I have, however, purchased a turbo for it. Hoping 4 at least another 80 rwhp?!.

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so, from all that ive read in my time on the list, and here, the 6M is a worthwhile swap in later cars.

i see all the comparisons for 84s and 85s, but from what i read, id think that a 6M is a no brainer swap for those of us with 82s and 83s, considering we had lower power numbers from the factory.

my main question is, do most 6Ms that are bought these days come with the japanese spec intakes and efi gear?
if i were to install a 6M in my 82, would i have to get the intakes and efi off a later production car to get the proper power?

also, would it be worthwhile/doable to use a japanese ECU, or is our gasoline not good enough, octane wise?
im pretty sure i can get a 6M ecu brought over when my friend comes back from australia, but is it sensible?
1 - 1 of 31 Posts
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