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6 mge Dyno #'s

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Just interested to know what rear wheel HP a 6 mge has?

Mine dynoed at 165rwhp. I have yet to crack the engine open to tweak it up a bit. I have, however, purchased a turbo for it. Hoping 4 at least another 80 rwhp?!.

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Rock, this is Chad. I have ridden in and driven Mark's '82 with the 6m. I used to have an '84 with the 5m. There is a Very noticeable difference. Ask Jamie in Oregon, she will concur. To me, the 6m is what should have been put in the mk2 from the factory. You can't help but grin ear to ear when slamming through those gears :lol: Trust me, for $600 Canadian, or whatever the selling price is, it will be worth it. Now if you are going to go Turbo...that might be a different story.
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