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6 mge Dyno #'s

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Just interested to know what rear wheel HP a 6 mge has?

Mine dynoed at 165rwhp. I have yet to crack the engine open to tweak it up a bit. I have, however, purchased a turbo for it. Hoping 4 at least another 80 rwhp?!.

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I saw a guy with a ported 6M-GE dyno here about two weeks ago. 162rwhp.

I was suprised since the 6M-GE is supposed to be good for 200 bhp.
Supra Bob said:
Well... 200 bhp... 20% drivetrain loss... 162 rwhp is about right...
Consider 5M-GEs have dynoed at 145 rwhp.
Drivetrain losses should only be 15% for a manual tranny AFAIK.
Great points, Aaron - as usual. :)
1 - 3 of 31 Posts
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